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Category: Grilled

Grilled Rabbit

Okay don’t say “yuck”. I never thought I would eat this but I tried it and LOVE it. It is the meat of choice in Italy. One cleaned rabbit cut […]

Tenderloin Wrap

I started trimming my own beef tenderloin several years ago. You may ask, “Why is she doing that”? If you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you anyway. The beautiful trimmed tenderloin […]

Cauliflower Grilled Cheese

I saw a version of this on the Chew and it looked delicious but was too much work. One large head of cauliflower One egg 1/2 cup milk 1/4 teaspoon […]

Grilled Cheese Club

My dog loves grilled cheese. Today I made her a grilled cheese club because I wanted to use up my old bread. Plain, simple food that we forget to make. […]

The Bachelor Meal

I did not cook this but my son did. Hopefully he used serving plates but he put together a great meal. Rib eye steaks grilled on his green egg at […]


My sister was at my house and I started to make hamburgers. In ten minutes I had finished making ten pounds of ground beef into hamburger patties. She was amazed […]

Porkchop Sandwich

I am trying not to eat processed food except for my addiction for hot dogs. So this afternoon I decided to cook the lone pork chop that kept falling out […]

Hot Dog

Okay I caved. Since I ate healthy yesterday and mentioned a hot dog I had to have one today. Boiled or steamed hot dogs are my favorite Grilled is so […]

Winter Grilled Burger

Nothing is better than a grilled burger in the winter. I think it is so good because I am so cold when I come back into the house. One great […]