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Category: sandwich

Andy’s Garlic Steak Sandwich

I gave my son, Andy, the leftover steak. He turned it into his new favorite sandwich so I thought I would share it with you. 8  ounces of trimmed, sliced […]

Nutty chicken sandwich

I made a ton of grilled boneless chicken because I wanted leftovers for sandwiches. I marinated the chicken in Mojo marinade and grilled it all. My grandson wanted a peanut […]

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

On November 9,  I gave you the recipe for Buffalo Chicken but today I am giving you the sandwich. Start drooling. This is so easy and you can even buy […]

Jolly Johns Grinder

This is a flash from the past. When I was young there was a drive thru called Jolly Johns. They had burgers, fries, fish and chips, and these grinders. I […]