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Jolly Johns Grinder


This is a flash from the past.

When I was young there was a drive thru called Jolly Johns.

They had burgers, fries, fish and chips, and these grinders.

I didn’t have much money so I would always get the small fries.

Since I was resourceful, I would get my sisters to pool their money to buy a grinder.

This was a special treat.

This grinder was so skinny but hot and cheesy and the best ever.

Since I always cooked I was determined to copy this simple recipe.

What I found out is that everything has to be sliced paper thin and the bread has to be crusty.

Now this is a ham and cheese but special.

One loaf of 12 inch french bread

5 thin slices Genoa salami

5 thin slices imported ham

3 slices american cheese cut in half

One thin slice of provolone cheese cut into four pieces

1/4 thin sliced julienne red pepper

3 to 4  thin slices small onion

1/2 small thin sliced tomato

One teaspoon canola oil

Slice the french bread in half and place on a piece of aluminum foil

Drizzle the oil on one side of the bread

Start assembling  the sandwich.

Layer the salami, ham, cheese, red pepper, onion and tomato.

The sandwich is not very thick.

Wrap it in the foil

Bake in a preheated 450 degree oven for ten to fifteen minutes until the cheese is melted

Cut the peppers, onion and tomatoes on a mandolin.

It takes no time at all and everything is the same thickness.

Make sure your bread is not thick. You want a thin crusty bread.

I did find the french bake and serve bread. Bake this first, then fill it and bake again to melt the cheese.

This is not a fancy sandwich but it is so good.

So all the nights I wished for the grinder are over.

Thank you Jolly John, where ever you are.

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