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Ultimate Grilled cheese


My friend Myra and I, went to the Worcester Art Museum and had a fabulous lunch.

I had to make this sandwich my way.

Two slices of any good bread you like.

I used a really nice wheat bread.

One teaspoon of fig preserves

Four slices of Hoffman cheddar cheese

1/2  sliced onion

One tablespoon butter

Two thin slices of a pear

Two slices of crispy cooked  thick cut bacon

Melt the butter in a small frying pan

Add the onions and cook till they are really soft

Spread the fig preserves on each side of the bread

Add the cheese, onions, pears and bacon.

Put the second slice of bread on the sandwich.

Place the sandwich in the same pan that you cooked the onion.

Cook the sandwich slowly because you want the cheese to melt and you don’t want the bread to burn.

I used a sandwich weight or you can use a panini machine.

Serve with the remaining pear slices and a cup of good soup.


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