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Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

On November 9,  I gave you the recipe for Buffalo Chicken but today I am giving you the sandwich.

Start drooling.

This is so easy and you can even buy some pre made chicken and make a ton of these for you next party.

One package of dinner size potato rolls

One container of cheddar-blue cheese spread


thin sliced raw onion


blue cheese dressing

ranch dressing

beau monde sauce

Yogurt dill sauce

Dill pickle slices

pea shoots

slices of red pepper

Cook the chicken

Lay out the rolls

Spread one side with the blue cheese spread

Add the hot chicken so the cheese melts and gets really soft

Add the onion

Add the arugula

Add the pickle and a couple of pea sprouts

Now pick which dressing you like and add it to the other side of the roll.

Serve with the sliced red peppers on the side instead of chips.

Believe me the tray of sandwiches will disappear.



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