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Category: soup

Broccoli Rabe and Beans

Love broccoli rabe. I ate a ton of it when I was pregnant and never stopped. 6 tablespoons olive oil 8 big cloves of sliced garlic 2 big bunches of […]

Butternut Apple Squash Soup

This is a perfect winter soup. I decided to reblog it from last year because it is so good If you use a tart apple add one to two teaspoons of […]

Carols Chicken Soup

When my friend Carol and I get together we talk about food, food, diets, family, food and world peace. She is one of the best cooks around. While we were […]

Garlic Soup

This is such a poor mans dish. My Mom used to  also make this with onions. I still love the garlic. 2 tablespoons olive oil 8 to 10 cloves crushed […]

Fish Stew with vegetables

This is a modification of my original fish stew because I now have children who have shellfish allergies. Three tablespoons of olive oil One large diced onion 6 minced garlic […]

Baked Potato Soup

I started making this soup because I had a ton of potatoes and milk that I had to use. 1/2 pound of diced bacon 2 diced onions 5 cloves of […]

Coconut Soup

I can’t  get enough coconut lately. This is a keeper. A long time ago Martha Stewart had a great coconut soup recipe and I loved it. As the years have […]

Spicy Tomato and Rice

This is a combination of all the things I like. Well some of the things since I like everything. One chopped onion Two cloves of chopped garlic Two tablespoons butter […]

Pastina with butter

My Mom used to make me this when I was sick. Since I have the flu  and a cold it is the only thing I want. I always go back […]

Beef & Veal Chili

I have so many different kinds of chili. Last night I made a beef and veal chili. 1 large diced onion 1 pound of ground veal Two 14 ounce cans […]

Spinach and White Bean Soup

I usually make this as a vegetable but I have a cold and need soup. Two tablespoons oil 5 cloves of chopped garlic One pound of spinach Two can of […]

Velvet Turkey Corn Soup

I am cleaning out my freezer and nothing will go to waste. 2 cups leftover turkey, mince it in the food processor One can of drained minced water chestnuts. Mince […]

Potato Onion Soup

Its cold and I am back on my soup kick. My sister, Patty, gave me a soup maker and I decided to use it. This is my new best friend. […]

Power Soup

There is a supplement in the Telegram and Gazette that I love. It is called Relish. It has some of the best recipes. Of course, I changed this one a […]