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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Special Sunday

I have to contol myself because I wake up and want to cook everything

Getting up late and having huge breakfasts. Sending my husband out for hot bagels. He would eat three ,four or more then swear he would eat nothing for the rest of the day.  Except for the coffe cake that came out of the oven about ten a.m.  Followed by a light lunch of whatever roast I cooked  or just a few meatballs from the gravy on the stove.

After that he was not going to eat another thing ,till supper got on the table.He could never resist pasta and always enjoyed every bite.

There was a time when all the kids where home and getting  Chinese food on Sunday. It was so good. Take out is not bad. Pizza also was a regular.

I think it is important to make the house smell of something mouthwatering.

Cooking is great but on the Sunday it should be a relazing time in the kitchen. There is always Monday.

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