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It’s Monday

Time to get serious and cook something.

Take one pound of pasta, 4 cloves of garlic ,one large bag of chopped broccoli and 1/2 cup oil(good olive oil or canola oil if you want it lighter)

Cook the pasta three minutes earlier then the package directions. Add the frozen broccoli to the pasta and cook for two or three minutes  all together.Keep one cup of water out and strain the rest. Lightly brown the garlic in the oil.  Add the pasta to the garlic oil . Add the one cup of remaining pasta water and toss. Garnish with red peper flakes and good pecerino romano cheese.

This takes maybe 15 minutes. Easy clean up.

Make sure you salt the pasta water. If you don’t you will be adding a ton of salt after it is cooked.

The house smells great and if everyone eats it you do not have to worry about garlic breath.

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