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The succulent smell of Sundays

Most kids wake up on a lazy Sunday morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. Not in my house.

The first thing that got started was the gravy. This is better known to most people as tomato sauce.

This is my Moms recipe and her Moms and probably her Moms.

Four or five tablespoons of olive oil.

Three or four pieces of pork. You can use pork ribs or pork chops. My Mom used salt pork.Tastes great but too much fat ,every so often I do use it because the taste is unbelievable. Saute  the pork till brown. Slowly, nothing is to burn.

Take  the pork out of the pan and saute  one chopped onion in the oil.

When the onions are soft but not brown add  three small cans of tomato paste with three cans of water. Don’t waste anything , stir the water in the can and get all the paste out.

Add one tsp. of oregano,one tsp.of garlic powder, two Tlbs. of sugar and ten basil leaves.

Stir everything together on a low heat.

Add  one 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes and two 28 ounce cans of kitchen ready tomatoes. Add the pork.

Simmer till heated and the house smells great.

You don’t have to cook it all day. It just takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Cooked meatballs or cooked sausage can be added at any time.

This is the best GRAVY you will ever eat.

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