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Satisfying Saturday

Going to a football game and I need a quick meal when everyone comes back to the house.

The weather is good so I am going to grill.

Chili Hot dogs with tons of toppings. Cheese, onions, pickles, jalapeno and olives.

Since I want to make it a little special,  I’m thinking of a great steak

Slices of tomato with salt, garlic, oregano and oil.

sweet potatoes, sliced thin and roasted with salt and pepper

Macaroni and cheese  for the kids

Green salad with a honey dijon dressing

The chocolate pudding from yesterday  will go great. Just have to put  the cookies in the oven.

Milk, strawberry syrup and strawberry ice cream in the blender makes a great shake for those who don’t like chocolate.  Put the shake in tall shot glasses.

A big bowl of fresh strawberries finish off this meal

Great meal.

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