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Stuffing Saturday

This is a take off on my Moms stuffing recipe. She used the giblets and I don’t. Everything else is more or less the same.

Angies’ Stuffing

Two pounds of lean hamburger

One pound of country sausage meat without the casing

Two large chopped onions

Five stalks of celery with the leafy tops

One stick of butter plus more for the top of the stuffing

One small bunch of chopped fresh parsley, about four or five tablespoons

one  large bag of  seasoned stuffing mix

one large loaf of bread cut into cubes

one box of chicken stock

three beaten eggs

one half  teaspoon of salt

one teaspoon of black pepper

Brown the hamburger and sausage and drain off all the fat. Set it aside.

In the same skillet, melt the butter and saute the onions and celery till it is soft. Not brown, just soft. Set aside

Put the stuffing mix and the bread in a large mixing bowl.

Add one cup of the chicken broth to moisten the bread

Add all the onions mixture , the meat , the beaten eggs, parsley and the salt and pepper

Mix well and add more broth if it is too dry. It should be pretty moist.

Pour into a buttered baking pan. It should be about two inches deep.

Pour about two tablespoons of melted butter on top and about six tablespoons of broth.

Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes or until very hot. Remember you have to cook the eggs.

This is a very forgiving stuffing. You can modify any of the amounts.


Use ground turkey instead of hamburg

Use cornbread instead of wheat or white bread

Add chestnuts

Add raisins or cranberries

Add shredded carrots or turnips

I tried most of these and always go back to the basic stuffing.

Sometimes I triple this recipe and still run out.


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