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Friday Turkey Feast

Once again I try to buy what is on sale. It is turkey this week.

I love the turkey cooked on the grill.

Heat your grill on high for about ten minutes.

Wash and dry the turkey.

Season with salt and pepper, inside and out.

Turn off the center elements on the grill and place the turkey in the middle.

I always cook the turkey, breast side down All the juices go to the breast and it is never dry.

The outer elements are on and can be reduced to medium high. This is called indirect heat. There should not be any heat under the turkey.

Close the grill lid and check every  twenty minutes. You do not need to do anything else.

The turkey takes at least a couple of hours and it is moist and delicious. The time depends on how big the turkey is.

Do not stuff the turkey. It affects the cooking time too much.

I always cook the stuffing in a separate dish because I have to cook so much. I think my kids like the stuffing more than the turkey. My husband would eat it cold.

Tomorrow will be Stuffing Saturday.

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