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Thin Thursday

Lets make Thursday the fast before the feast day.

Digging into my  recipe box this is an old favorite.

Spinach and beans.

Two boxes of frozen chopped spinach ,defrosted and squeezed dry

One can of small white  beans with the liquid. You can add another can.

Three cloves of chopped garlic

Three tablespoons of olive oil

red pepper flakes

salt to taste

One cup of chicken broth

Heat the oil and add the chopped garlic.

Cook just until the garlic is very light tan.

Add the defrosted and drained spinach and everything else to the pot.

Let it simmer till it is hot over medium heat.

Do not let it stick to the pan. Turn often.

Add more chicken broth if you want . I like it thick.

My Mom used to triple this recipe and serve it with hot Italian bread.

These are a few options  for toppings:

grated cheese . raw onion, sausage  slices.

All my kids made this when they were in college.

This is a fast and delicious one pot meal.

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