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Fish Friday

When I was growing up we always had fish on Friday. My Mom would always make something delicious.

This is a fish stew that takes twenty minutes.

Fish stew

Three tablespoons of olive oil

One chopped onion

three  cloves of chopped garlic

Two pounds of a thick white skinless, boneless white fish. Haddock, cod, tilapia, anything on sale is good.

Cut into one inch pieces.

One pound of calamari rings

One pound of medium peeled shrimp

1/2 teaspoon of oregano

Six basil leaves

One large can of diced tomatoes

Two teaspoons of tomato paste

One can of Rotelle tomatoes.

One small can of tomato sauce

Saute the onion and garlic in three tablespoons of olive oil

Add the tomatoes, tomato paste, oregano and basil

Bring this to a boil then turn down to a medium heat.

Season with salt and pepper

Put all the fish into the pan and cover till the fish is flakey.

This should only take about ten to fifteen minutes. Keep at a simmer till you are ready to eat

I serve it in bowls with hot crusty rolls.

The broth is great for dipping.

Make an arugula salad with black olives, red onion, parmesan cheese strips and lemon dressing.

You can add anything to this dish.

Mix up the type of fish. Add clams , mussels , crab meat or small cooked potatoes.

This is almost a foul proof recipe.

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