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Tuna Tuesday

Delicious meals do not have to take a long time to prepare.

Tuna Steaks are the perfect example.

My family eats more than the average five or six ounces . So I cook more.

This is a little expensive so it is really a special treat.

Lets go.

Two pounds of fresh tuna steak

salt and pepper

Juice of one big lemon

olive oil

Wash and dry the tuna

rub with the olive oil

Season with the salt and black pepper

Heat  the grill or skillet. Wipe it with a paper towel coated with oil.

Place the tuna on the grill and sear till there is a nice brown crust then turn over and repeat. This should take maybe two or three minutes. Take off the grill and I squeeze the lemon on top but you don’t have to. I love lemon so I have a tendency to over do it.

Serve with grilled asparagus and  quinoa . I love tuna with avocado, red onion and grapefruit sections.

This is a very pretty meal.


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