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Happy Halloween

This is the night of all souls and they don’t eat so don’t bother cooking.

My Mom never made a big meal on Halloween. She had all pickups . This is the way to go.

Tonight the menu is limited and no fuss but I will still get something into my grandchildren before the sugar rush.

Thank God for pizza, hotdogs and potatoes.

Halloween English Muffin Pizza

Six english muffins-cut in half and lightly toasted

Twelve tablespoons of tomato sauce  like Prego or Ragu.

garlic powder


grated cheese

mozzarella cheese-cut into JackoLantern shapes

Place the english muffins on a baking pan.

Add the sauce and sprinkle the spices like you would add salt

Add about one teaspoon of grated cheese, maybe less, to each muffin

Top with the mozzarella shapes to make a pumpkin face

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven till the cheese melts

Mummy hot dogs

This is in every magazine and it is easy and fun to eat

Eight hotdogs

One tube of crescent rolls

Lay the dough out flat and cut  thin strips

Start at the bottom of the hot dog and start wrapping the dough around the hotdog. Like you were bandaging your finger .

Leave a little spot at the top for the mummies eyes.

Place on a tray and bake 350 for 18 minutes

Put two dots in the space you left open for the eyes with ketchup or mustard.

Blood Fries

Three washed sweet potatoes

Three tablespoons of oil

3/4 teaspoon of salt

One tablespoon of brown sugar

Heat the oven to 450

Slice the potatoes into wedges

Season with the salt, sugar and one tablespoon of oil

Put the remaining oil in the pan and coat well

Add the potatoes

Bake about 15 minutes , turn once and bake till crisp

Serve with blood-red ketchup on the side, so the kids can dip.

I started having a pot of soup or chili on the stove for the adults.

Have to go cups for the parents who can’t stay, so they don’t eat their kids hotdog.

Yesterday I dipped pretzels and made meringue ghosts. Very cute but time-consuming.

Take out sounds better and better.

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