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Freaky Friday

It’s the day after Halloween.

Need I say more..

I am so sugared out, fat and disgusted with myself.

At my age I do not get a sugar high. Instead I get a sugar low and feel every gram of sugar immediately turn into flab .

My question is, “Was that moment on the lips worth the extra on the hips”?

Today starts the freaky food limitations. Healthy eating and very little sugar.

I really like to eat healthy, I feel so much better. …but I am a sugar freak.

Salad My Way

Two heads of  chopped Romaine lettuce

Two big handfuls of arugula

One small red onion ,sliced thin

Twenty grape tomatoes

One sliced red pepper

One sliced cucumber

Two cups of sugar snap peas

Two pounds of stir fried, peeled and deveined shrimp, chicken or beef.

Six sliced hard-boiled eggs

Balsamic  salad dressing

Broccoli sprouts for the topping

Get a big bowl and wash, dry and slice everything. Top with the snap peas, shrimp, eggs and sprouts.

Add the dressing, toss and serve.

Hot garlic bread  is a nice cheat.

I never get tired of this because I just change things by adding cheese,  deleting the meat or changing the dressing. Other options are adding carrots, spinach, beans, tuna, salmon, peas or beets.

My daughters never mix their salads so you can pick  out whatever you want . Their dressing is always on the side.

They are so thin, so maybe this works.

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