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Tuesday Treat

Everyone should have their go to recipes.

These are the no fail and easy foods that everybody loves.

Strawberry Shortcake is one of mine.

This you will love.

One angel food cake

One container of cool whip

One container of sweetened, frozen , sliced strawberries

One container of fresh strawberries

Bake  the angel food cake. Cool

Take out of the pan and cut in half, to make one layer to fill.

Pour the defrosted strawberries on the bottom layer. Try not to let anything touch the outer edge of the cake because you want to frost the outside of the cake.

Put on the top of the cake .

Frost with the cool whip.

Garnish with the fresh fruit

Pour the remaining frozen strawberries into the whole of the cake or serve on the side.

You can do this with peaches, blueberries or whatever fruit you have.

So good and very pretty.

I also make this with fresh whipped cream.

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