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Mini Monday


I took the weekend off because I really didn’t cook very much.

The usual Sunday breakfast followed by shopping and defrosted soup with grilled cheese for supper.

So today is Monday and I refuse to get take out.

Time to cook.

I have been dying for a burger and so I made these cute little mini burgers. Took all of maybe twenty minutes from start to finish.

Three tablespoons of lean hamburger per burger

Season with salt and pepper

One paper thin slice of onion

Arugula or lettuce

One slice of tomato

One slice of cheese to fit the burger

Ketchup, mayonaise, hot sauce,  bacon, pickles or whatever else you want.

The small potato rolls are the perfect size.

Broil, grill or fry the burgers till they are cooked the way you want them.

Add the cheese.

Assemble the burger with what you want on it.

Serve with baked sweet potato fries.

Slice about one small sweet potato per person into wedges.

Toss with oil, salt, pepper and one teaspoon brown sugar per potato.

Bake at 425 degrees for about ten minutes.

Turn potatoes

Bake till brown and crunchy

Not so bad for a quick meal.

Add alot of vegetables to the burger and you won’t have to make a salad.

A small cup of soup goes really well in this cold weather.

Pour yourself a glass of beer and put ten dollars in the piggy bank.

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