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Meatloaf Sandwich

Meatloaf sandwich

This has to be one of the most underrated  foods.

It is not only good the first night you make it but it makes one of the best sandwiches ever.

3 pounds of ground beef

One package onion soup mix

One cup old fashion oatmeal

One cup flavored garlic breadcrumbs

One cup ketchup

Two beaten eggs

One chopped onion sautéed in one tablespoon butter

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

Mix everything together

Shape into a loaf about three inches high

Bake in a lightly greased pan for about 45 minutes

Drain whatever fat is in the pan

Serve with mashed potatoes and corn

This is such a 1950 meal.

Glorious leftover sandwich

Two slices white bread

Two tablespoons real mayonnaise

Two tablespoons ketchup

One slice of tomato

One handful of arugula

One sliced sweet pickle

One thin slice of red onion

One one inch slice of warm meatloaf

One slice of cheese, melted on the meatloaf

Assemble everything in the order it was written.

Sit down with a big napkin, tall drink and your family.

Everyone will be happy

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