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Andrew’s Smoken Ribs


My oldest son has a smoker which is a big green ceramic grill.

He has smoked everything and to be honest I don’t like that smokey flavor.

This year he is hitting it out of the park.

He has perfected the art so that everything is cooked, juicy and not heavily smoked.

This is the third time he made ribs and chicken and I love everything. Of corse that is not a surprise.

Use whatever kind of ribs you like.

I used country style and baby back plus chicken breasts on the bone and with the skin on.

Andrew found this fabulous rub in Lowes called RUB SOME BUTT.

It is a BBQ Rub that has vinegar in it.

All he does is shake the rub on the meat and let it sit for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

He grills everything low and slow.

That means 250 to 275 degrees for four to five hours with the grill covered.

At the very end of cooking he painted Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce on the ribs and finished everything off on the grill not the smoker.

OMG !!!!

These are so good.

Make a salad and supper is done.




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