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Fancy Tuna Salad


This is so pretty but it does take some time.

I serve it with two dressings.

One is a lemon garlic dressing and the other is a balsamic dressing.

I have also served it with a dijon dressing

The star of the salad is the fresh sashimi grade tuna fillets

4  thick tuna fillets

6 hard boiled eggs

Two cups multicolor potato salad

One pound steamed and salted french green beans

Two cubed and roasted sweet potatoes

One small red onion sliced thin or four diced scallions

Three  sliced pickling cucumbers

One basket of grape tomatoes

Two handfuls arugula

Two handfuls baby spinach

Two handfuls romaine lettuce

Twenty olives

4 ounces of good crumbled blue cheese

Twelve pepper dew peppers

Rub the tuna with good olive oil

Season the tuna with salt and pepper

Grill or pan sear on a hot element for about 2 to3 minutes on each side.

I like my tuna rare but cook longer if you want it more well done.

Set aside to cool

Mix all the greens and place on a big platter

Start making rows

First the potato salad, I made a fast German vinegar potato salad

Then the pepper dews

Save the center for the tuna

Slice the tuna so it is easier to pick up with the vegetables

The green beans

The sweet potatoes

Place the eggs around so they look pretty

Place the blue cheese in corners or you can make a row of its own

Scatter the olives

Place the scallions on top

Place the cucumber slices around the edge of the entire salad

Serve with fresh pita chips or a crusty bread

You can add another cheese or different vegetables.

This is a great make ahead salad for lunch or dinner.

This probably serves at least six .

Use salad tongs that grip well so you can easily pick and choose what you want from the salad



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