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Royal Grilled Pork Salad


My sons, my sons, my wonderful sons.

Again I was treated like a queen.

I went to my son Andrews house and he had supper all ready for me.

He marinated a boneless pork loin.

Grilled it to medium.

Let it sit and then sliced it.

He put the hot meat over a cold salad that was dressed with lemon garlic dressing.

He also added feta cheese.

Just to spice it up Andrew put some hot sauce on his salad.

Mine was plain.

OMG it was so delicious.

Andrew used a marinade of garlic, oregano, salt, pepper, lemon juice, mint and rosemary.

You can use whatever marinade you like and whatever dressing is your favorite

I am still flying high from being pampered

Just call me Queen Chris.

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