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Shrimp Cocktail


I always thought I could throw my shrimp in boiling water, cook until they are pink and have good shrimp cocktail.


A friend of mine told me the secret to a crunchy, tasty shrimp

I have been doing this for years and it is a no fail recipe.

2 pounds of frozen deveined shrimp

2 cans of beer

I use good old Bud because the flavored beer can affect the taste of the shrimp.

2 teaspoons old bay seasoning

Put the beer and old bay in a pot

Bring to a rolling boil

Add the shrimp

Turn with a spoon to cover all the shrimp with the beer

When the beer comes to a boil again, turn the shrimp to keep it covered with the beer.

Cook for another three to five minutes. This depends on the size of your shrimp.

Strain the shrimp in a colander and rinse with water to get all the old bay seasoning off the shrimp

If the shrimp has to be peeled this is the time to do it.

Let drain and then place on a dish with cocktail sauce and lemons

Cover with plastic wrap

Refrigerate till chilled


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