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Angie’s Pasta


Angie is my Mom and she could cook anything.

She got on a pasta kick for years and we made every kind of pasta you can think of.

She would call us and say we are making raviolis.

There were no excuses, we all had to show up.

Now I love, love , love to make pasta with my grandchildren.

Its cheaper than play-doh.

2 eggs

1 teaspoon salt

2 cups  all purpose flour but you can use wheat

4 tablespoons water

Put the flour and salt in the food processor and mix.

Add the eggs and pulse

Slowly add the water starting with two tablespoons and then adding more if needed.

Pulse till the dough turn into a ball and then knead in the machine for another minute or two.

It is such a smooth dough

You can let the dough rest for a while or refrigerate it for up to a week.

Put the processor away and take out your pasta machine.

My parents gave me mine when I got married and I love it.

Divide the dough into four pieces.

Sprinkle your board and the pasta machine with flour

Starting with the #1 thickness on your machine place the dough in the machine. Don’t worry because it is going to look lumpy.

Put it on your board and sprinkle with flour.

Fold the dough into thirds and roll.

Sprinkle with flour.

Roll at #1 again.

Sprinkle with flour

Turn to #2 thickness and roll again

You may have to cut the dough in half now just so it is easier to handle.

Turn to #4 and roll again

I like the thickness of #5

Then I put it threw the fettuccini cutter

Put it on a floured board or pasta hanging rack.

Fluff the pasta so it doesn’t stick together.

Cook in salted boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes

My grandchildren ate all of it just with oil, salt and some cheese for the one who could eat dairy.

Very fun activity

The thickness of the pasta is up to you but it does change the cooking time.

If it gets too thin just fold it up, roll it and start again.




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