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Organize, Organize, Organize

Thanksgiving is over and I forgot how crazy I was until I start thinking about Christmas.

I want to make every cookie, cake, appetizer, soup, main corse and cocktail I have ever heard about.

Time to calm down. Relax. Breath.

Not working.


I wrote down everything that sounds good and I know my family likes.

The list was way too big.

I cut threw that by trying to be realistic.

What can I make ahead of time and what can I make in bulk?

My list is still quite large.

First of all I have decided to do heavy appetizers on Christmas eve.

Except for just a couple of things.

We always have scallops in a mushroom wine sauce, stuffed squid in a red sauce, shrimp scampi with linguine.

Buffet style eating on Christmas Eve is imperative.

Sushi, shrimp, stuffed quahogs, seared scallops, tuna poke, fried calamari and cod tacos .

I am  going to serve all the Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve so we can enjoy them.

Butterballs, strawberry thumbprints, pizzelles, shortbread, chocolate cake cookies, candy cane cookies, meringue mushrooms and  tarts with raspberry jam plus the apricot cream cheese cookies

This only involves making two platters instead of one huge platter of cookies.

I am limiting the appetizers on Christmas Day.

One big fresh vegetable tray, pigs in a blanket, spinach pies, baked brie, buffalo chicken dip, hummus, grape leaves and cucumber filled with cheese.

I am not serving soup.

Keeping the  rest of the menu the same.

Salad, stuffed shells, meatballs and sausage, tenderloin, pilaf,  baby tricolored roasted potatoes and  mixed roasted vegetables.

Just a few roasted baby  lamb chops because it is a holiday and I can make them ahead of time. Besides pilaf also goes  well with lamb.

Roasted peppers, marinated mushrooms, hot peppers, olive tray, mint jelly, béarnaise sauce and beau monde sauce.

The chocolate marshmallow cake is a unbelievable dessert plus a small plain cheesecake, chocolate caramel tart, cookies, tons of berries and chocolate sauce so the kids can dip their own strawberries.

Sorbets are always in the freezer.

I also decided to poach some pears with a caramel sauce. These are so refreshing and really pretty.

Take out containers are the hostess gift to my children so I can fill them when everyone leaves.

Everyone leaves with at least two meals.

Merry Christmas to all because I will sleep well tonight.




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