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Lobster Salad Sandwich


Whenever I have to go to the doctors I treat myself afterwards.

Sometimes its ice cream, sometimes its a pastry but today it was lobster salad.

The meat of one boiled lobster.

Now this is my trick.

When the lobsters are on sale I have the store boil them

I take them home and get all the meat out of the shell.

Put the meat of one lobster in each freezer bag and they can stay for at least a couple of months in the freezer.

I usually double bag .

Let it sit out for a couple of hours in the refrigerator to defrost

Chop to the size you like

Add a good squeeze of lemon

One tablespoon mayonaise

One diced scallion

Salt and black pepper

Mix everything together

Treat yourself to the hottest bread in the bakery.

Today they had a soft marble rye

Place one slice of Hoffmans’ cheddar cheese on one side

Add a handful of baby spinach

Season with salt and pepper

Add six sliced banana peppers

Add all the lobster salad

Cover with another slice of warm bread

Cut the sandwich in half

Put some grapes on your plate

Sit down and enjoy a great lunch and for being such a brave girl for going to the doctors.



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