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WonTon Crisps


I love anything crunchy and these are a replacement for potato chips.

Who am I kidding, nothing can replace a good potato chip.

But I will keep on trying to convince myself.

One package of wonton wrappers

One container of pesto

One cup of parmesan cheese

Onion powder

garlic powder

olive oil


Take a cookie sheet and line it with non stick aluminum foil or parchment paper

Take one wonton and lightly spread pesto or lightly paint with olive oil and add cheese or garlic or onion.

Sprinkle with salt

Bake at 350 for about eight to ten minutes.

I like mine very crisp.

These can also be made with sugar and cinnamon but paint melted butter on the wonton instead of oil.

Use your cookie cutters to make whatever shapes you like.

This week I am going to make little footballs .

Don’t keep them too long because they get  yucky.

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