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Mini salad wedges


I love mini anything and for many reasons.

They are so cute.

I feel so ladylike eating a small portion.

And no one realizes how much I have consumed.

Anyway I could make a large cow into a mini.

Lets talk about salad.

I always make too much salad .

A couple of years ago I decided to try to stop this so I have two ways of doing this.

First, I use individual bowls instead of a platter.

Second was a mistake that turned into my favorite mini.

I started to cut up iceberg lettuce

I only needed two cuts for every head but I wasn’t paying attention and kept on cutting.

As a result I had 12  small wedges in front of me.

I had to do something pretty since we had company, I pulled out my flat platter and put the wedges on it.

One half of the platter had blue cheese dressing and crumbles of blue cheese and the other half had thousand island dressing without the blue cheese crumbles.

I did this because my husband loved thousand island dressing.

Only use one to two teaspoons of dressing for every wedge. I used Kens bottled dressing.

Its not bad every once in a while. I do love homemade.

In between the wedges I put grape tomatoes and diced onion and just a little chopped parsley.

Crisp crumbled bacon is a must.

Thin slices of toasted garlic toast is a nice touch.

It was so pretty and everyone loved the mini wedges.

This is only enough for three to four people.

The nice thing is that if it is left over, it is a great leftover. Not a soggy salad.

I served this with grilled steak, potato wedges and a tray of roasted vegetables.

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