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The Slicer

The Slicer

This is a necessity in your kitchen

My Mom had a friend with six kids, like me, and she stretched her meat by slicing it thin.

This week the market had top round on sale so I bought two.

This is a very tasty cut of beef but can be tough.

Not when you slice it thin.

My boys said they were coming over so I started to cook

I put olive oil, salt and pepper on the roast and seared them on the grill.

Took them off the grill and put a meat thermometer in one and baked it at 425 degrees until the thermometer read rare.

Took it out of the oven and covered it with foil till cool.

Then I sliced it all.

All the boys were circling me to get to the meat.

Great sandwiches and much healthier then deli.

Save all the juice to put over the meat.

Take the entire turkey breast off the bird and slice the same way.

Pork roast is unbelievable.



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