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Grilled pork sliders

grilled pork sliders

This is the slider that I served  a couple of days ago.

Too good not to share.

6 Potato dinner rolls

3 boneless pork chops

1/2 cup Mojo marinade

6 thin slices of red onion

6 thin slices of gala apple

One teaspoon or less of balsamic mayonnaise per roll.

One teaspoon mango salsa per roll.

1/2 slice muenster cheese per roll.

pea sprouts


Marinate the pork in the Mojo overnight.

Grill till medium well and let sit for a while.

Slice on the thin side and set aside.

Assembling everything is so important to make it look pretty.

Here we go.

Slice the roll in half.

Mayo on both sides

3 to 4 Slices of pork, about half a chop in each roll.






pea shoots



My kids love this with hot sauce.





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