The succulent smell of Sundays

Most kids wake up on a lazy Sunday morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. Not in my house. The first thing that got started was the gravy. This […]

Slow down Saturday

Everyone is in a different place and I only want to cook once. The weather is great and  I might as well take advantage of the grill. Back to delicious […]

fast food friday

Friday nights always were crazy. Getting out of school, going to a game or out with friends, Everyone wanted to eat and run,  Chili always made them stop and eat. […]

Thirsty Thursday

Growing up in Brooklyn was fabulous. The food was unbelievable and there were a couple of foods that always made me think of my childhood. One drink was called an […]

Mouth watering Wednesday

My wonderful neighbor gave me a ton of her fabulous garden tomatoes.Time to enjoy I love grilled pizza and make extra because it disappears. Get one pound of store bought […]

Chicken Tuesday

Time to think about tonight and the rest of the week. The easiest is chicken. Today I am going to roast one chicken and make soup with another. The chickens […]

It’s Monday

Time to get serious and cook something. Take one pound of pasta, 4 cloves of garlic ,one large bag of chopped broccoli and 1/2 cup oil(good olive oil or canola […]

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Special Sunday I have to contol myself because I wake up and want to cook everything Getting up late and having huge breakfasts. Sending my husband out for hot bagels. […]

It’s Saturday Night

Been cooking all week. It’s time to rest. Have take out or go out. Only half teasing. If you are that tired you should go out but if you have […]