Thin Thursday

Trying hard to be good. Only two more days and I can eat abnormally again. I do love a lot of food. BUT…. this is healthy , delicious and fast. […]

Stir fry weightless Wednesday

Keep it simple and low calorie. This is the time of the week I realize the diet is blown and the weekend is almost here. Instead of giving up, lets […]

Monday left over

Never waste anything. You are going to take the leftover spinach and make fabulous spinach pies. Use the spinach recipe Add one small can of black olives-drained Two pounds of […]

Spinach Sunday

This is the spinach that I served with last nights veal. Make extra because it can be used for delicious omelets  today. Angies Fried Spinach Eight tablespoons of olive or […]

Fish Friday

When I was growing up we always had fish on Friday and I loved it. My husband would never eat anything from the sea so I don’t make it as […]

Thunder Thigh Thursday

This seems to be my sweet week. Not so good for my thighs but I will try to incorporate protein with sugar. BBQ Chicken thighs Wash and defat chicken thighs. […]

Waistline Wednesday

Sometimes you just have to give in and indulge in something decadent. The only trouble is that my waistline starts to expand just looking at anything sweet. On that note […]

Tomato Tuesday

My wonderful neighbor gave me more garden tomatoes. I am so lucky. Tonight is going to be fast and fabulous. BLT’s are so easy and so delicious. One french baguette […]

Meatball Monday

You can never make enough of these meatballs. Four pounds of 90% ground beef six eggs 1/2 cup chopped Italian parsley One  cup grated pecorino romano cheese two cups of seasoned […]