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Cheeseburger Heaven

I thank God every day I didn’t get the Coronavirus 19 but I have gotten corona 20.

If I can’t get out of my house soon I will gain the full corona 20 pounds.

I have become overly obsessed with food. More than usual.

I exercise then reward myself, of course with food.

Today was the perfect example.

Found two hamburger patties in the freezer.

Trying to use what I have in the house because I am not happy with instacart.

Being bored, I fired up my grill .

I started to make only one Hamburg but it looked so lonely on the grill.

So, I grilled two burgers and then put a slice of American cheese on each.

I sliced an English muffin and put some butter on the cut side and grilled them along with the burgers.

I was going to make two sandwiches but only had one muffin. Hence the double burger was born.

Assembly is so important.

Muffin, Mayo, ketchup, burgers , onion, tomato, arugula, pickle slices, red pepper flakes, mayo, more ketchup and the other half of the muffin.

After I admired it, drooled and tried to figure out how to eat it, I squished it together a took a bite of heaven.

I really only intended to eat half but that was so silly of me.

Down it went with a ton of glorious guilt.

That is why I am on my bike for the past ten miles.

On the positive side it was great and it kept me happy for an hour.

Everyone please stay home until this virus is contained so we can eat together.

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