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Mushrooms, onions and eggs

Mushrooms, onions, and eggs

One of the easiest meal are omelets.

It’s a great way to use up those little leftovers and combined with a salad or soup it is a great meal.

I made some sautéed onions to put on hamburgers and had a handful left over. I put it in a container and it was my quick supper last night.

I took two eggs and scrambled them.

Put a small pat of butter in a nonstick pan and melted it.

Add the eggs and the mushrooms and cooked till the eggs where firm.

Added some cheese and everything was cooked in five minutes.

A handful of spring mix with a little italian dressing made this feel like a supper and not breakfast.

This is a great meal for a hot night.

Don’t be afraid to use almost every kind of vegetable, meat or cheese.





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